Fall Newbies - ABC

Happy Tuesday!

Since this blog is just starting out, this month I am going to focus the first few posts on the basic networks such as ABC, NBC, Fox, and The CW. In the super near future I hope to get into other networks and streaming services!

Let’s start with ABC! ABC has a pretty decent lineup that has doesn’t have many drastic changes this year. They typically play it safe and is family friendly, these are the two shows that have grasped my attention this season mostly due to the the leads in the show:

  • The Rookie: Has anyone seen Castle with Nathan Fillion? Well that was a show I really enjoyed reruns of when I was a freshman in college. I would watch as I worked on my homework Sunday nights into Monday mornings. He is also the lead on a TV show call Nathan Fillion is a lead for The Rookie, and that is pretty much why I will watch this show. Will it be great? Mmmmmmm.. maybe… but I’m not holding my breath. I feel like Fillion’s character might not be the best roll for him at this time. He has been a lots of characters and I feel like this role is just a continuation of Castle. Castle was a writer and teamed up with NYPD to get ideas for his stories. He liked it so much he pursued a career in law enforcement, and now were here with The Rookie.

  • Single Parents: The only reason I am going to watch Single Parents is because of Leighton Meester (YA KNOW BLAIR WALDORF). Is this the role I want to see her in? Not necessarily, I want to see a Gossip Girl reboot, but till then Single Parents! It seems like it could be funny but I’m not sure. This show doesn’t seem like anything I can relate to. It would be interested to see if it’s something that is kinda cute and fun to watch like Splitting up Together (another show I watch simply because of actress, Jenna Fisher). Although, I cant relate to the topic at hand I hope it’s fun to watch because I do want want to see Leighton Meester. I will watch and report back on this one.

That’s all I’ve got for ABC! Tomorrow I will cover NBC. If you are reading this I hope you enjoy this content. I promise to get better on sharing my thoughts. Feel free to follow YUPs Instagram @yupproductions to keep up with what is coming to the blog or upcoming projects!