Fall Newbies - NBC

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

Today, I am going to talk about NBC. I love NBC as a network, they have had some of my all time favorite shows such as ER and Chicago PD.

These are the shows I am most pumped about this season for NBC:

  • Manifest - I already started watching this and I have some serious thoughts. First thing, I cried in the first 10 minutes. The idea of losing 5 years of life and everyone thinking you had died is terrifying. Although this isn’t realistic or something that can actually happen, it felt like it could. Secondly, I am very confused it started like a drama but then it turned episodic-ish. Every episode seems to be about another person on the flight and the two brother and sister main characters are there to solve their problem. Lastly, it’s mysterious and that is the only thing that will keep me watching until something really turns me off from this show.  

  • I Feel Bad - I want this show to be funny and I think it will be! I love the perspective that it takes on how women feel bad for what they do even if they are doing something great. It seems relatable for most women, I can’t wait to start this show. Comedy is hard and I am more into dramas than comedy so I will touch base again on this show once I watch a few episodes.

Overall, highly recommend Manifest if you are looking for a show with some mystery and I will make sure to post a follow up blog on I Feel Bad. Feel free to follow YUPs Instagram @yupproductions to keep up with what is coming to the blog