Time Management

Hi everyone!

Today I want to discuss time management. I typically work well under pressure and on a deadline, however, I do not know how to manage my personal time. I am often letting my work overflow into my personal time to complete any project I am working on at the time. One example is when I was shooting a music video fell on the day I had plans with my friends for Galentines day. I went to the shoot and filmed all day and I was so excited to start editing. Naturally, I debated what I wanted to do but ultimately decided to hang out with my friends. Later that night when I got home I started editing on the video and stayed up till 2AM editing.

This is how my time is broken down. I have a full-time job where I work as a highlight editor. Lately, I have taken on clients and their music videos. Lastly, I have been working to grow this blog and YUPP’s Instagram.

I do have a full-time job and I work 40 hours a week, however, I work 4 days a week for 10 hours a day, which gives me an extra day off weekly. On that extra day, I dedicate my time towards YUPP, whether it’s the blog or a cool new video. When I work on a music video, I am typically editing around the clock. Depending on what time I head into work, I might edit before or after. On my days off, I typically will dedicate 8 to 10 hours to the music video until the video is completed.

Lately, I have been incredibly motivated to write more about myself and the process that goes into being a filmmaker. With that motivation comes energy to edit and create more videos whether they are for Instagram or YouTube.

This week was the first Tuesday I took an off day from working on YUPP, for a day to myself. I don't have a music video scheduled until next month, so I decided to spend the day outside since it was really nice. The consequence to that would be that I did not get a chance to a blog post on Tuesday because I was unprepared, but I am okay with that. It doesn't matter how much time you have, it will always feel like you do not have enough hours in the day or days of the week or weeks in the year to finish whatever you are working on.

I hope you are enjoying reading my thoughts and comments through this blog. If you are listening to the podcast hope you are enjoying that as well. I look forward to creating more content for you to read, watch, and listen. If you have anything, in particular, you are wondering about please don’t hesitate to email me your questions at Yupproductionsinfo@gmail.com. Till next time friends!