My Netflix Binge!

Hi, Y’all!

Today, I want to share my thoughts on what I have been watching on Netflix. I have been really busy, so I might be a little behind on all these new series and movies. However, I want to share what I have been watching lately with you all.

Let me start with Dead To Me, I love this show! It is so well done, Netflix seems to produce high-quality production for almost all of their projects. The acting is great, Christina Applegate nailed the role. The story is fantastic, it’s something I haven’t seen before and I am hooked. There was a video on Christina Applegate saying now and how empowering its, and after watching a little closer her attitude of “zero f’s given” is phenomenal. Granted, she is grieving her loss, yet, she is still so relatable. I have yet to get to the end of the series, but as of right now, I am not sure how they are going to continue on to another season.

Because I have been so busy, I have not been able to commit to many shows, however, I am a huge fan of what Netflix has been coming out with lately. Here is a list with a short thought on the originals I have watched lately.

Wine Country - The production value on this movie is great, as mentioned earlier Netflix does a fantastic job on the production. The storyline is not the most relatable but it was still great to see where this fantastic cast would go with the jokes. I do wish that Tina Fey was apart of this movie a little more, but other than that it was an okay movie. I would give this a C.

Last Summer - Netflix, come on! As a Chicagoan, it was so hard to watch a movie that was “based” in Chicago, but not filmed here. Also, the style of this movie was similar to Valentine's day and New Year's Eve, where it has a star-studded cast, but no one actually famous was in this movie. The story lines did not make sense of how they tied together. Did they all just go to the same school? That’s cool, but still not something I would want to watch again. I would give this a D-.

Someone Great - I loved this movie. The way they edited to show the timelapse of their relationship was my favorite. Social media has become a huge part of our lives and I think the editors did an amazing show showing that timelapse with some social media pieces but not in a cheesy way. It looked very natural and organic. Not only was it the text of an updated status but also the audio of her writing out her thoughts and peoples comments. The story is relatable to anyone who's gone through a breakup and it was very well done with Gina Rodriguez. I would give this movie a B+.

Good Sam - Netflix, you are the best. As I have mentioned before the quality production value of these movies are fantastic. The storyline of this movie was a little cheesy but still heartwarming. It kinda felt like a Christmas movie even though it wasn’t based around Christmas or the season. I would recommend this movie if you are bored, and don’t have anything else going on. I would give this movie a C+.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on these movies and TV shows. If you would like to chat or share a thought feel free to comment or reach out via email. Don't forget to follow on Instagram @Yupproductions and on Facebook! Catch ya later!