Having an idea you are OBSESSED with...


I have some thoughts...

First off, having and idea is amazing, overwhelming, scary, and too much to handle sometimes. When you have an idea you obviously want it to be successful as anyone would but sometimes you don't know how to do that, or you don't know what steps to take next to get your idea moving along. 

I have had many ideas and most of them I have had to put on the back burner because I am just one person, which is fine, it's okay to take your time to fully develop your idea to be able to create and bring to life what you envisioned. 

I have learned a lot on how to manage my ideas and give them all the time they need. None have yet to see the light but they are sure peeking out from behind the curtain (make sure to stay tuned for more details). So here is some of my advice on how I manage my ideas and continue to push forward. 

  1. Write it down - Write down your idea, what is the story who are your characters what do you want the drama in your story to be. Write everything that comes to mind in that moment. If you have nothing to write it down record your voice lock that shit down so you can come back to it once you head is cleared or you have slept on it. 

  2. Develop as much as you can - Really dig deep, where is this story taking place and who are your characters? Do they like pumpkin spice lattes? Describe them as much as possible really get to know the character you are creating and their lives. Do they brunch in the story or on their time away from the story? You need to know that. 

  3. Figure out what resources you need - I want to be clear, when I say you CAN be a one man show. It has been done before, however, it’s not necessary. There are so many resources and groups on social media, that you can jump into and ask any question you might have. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION. Just remember to be respectful to the group. Who knows? You might find someone who has similar goals as you. 

  4. Who is in your corner - Your support system is everything. When you dont know whats next, find your friend and brainstorm ideas on how to make your project better. There is always room for improvement. I have found through my own journey, that those who know the least about my passion and profession, have given me the best ideas on how to improve my project. 

  5. WHATEVER you do, DO NOT STOP - I cannot begin to describe the amount of times I have wanted to give up pursuing my passion. Everything I do turns into an obstacle - It’s exhausting hurdling over these obstacles daily. The worst part is, you are that obstacle that is constantly disrupting your flow. DO NOT let yourself down and DO NOT stand in the way of your creativity and passions. Continue to push through those barriers. 

I feel like some of these thoughts are psycho, but I have definitely developed my characters to the point where I speak of them as if they were real people. Just because they are imagined, does not mean they come from everyday life. You might of created your character with features of your best friend or named them after people you know. They might be the mean girls from school that used to pick on you that you desperately seeking approval who knows. But also, who cares? They have inspired you and that's all that matters.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Catch you next week!