Coming Up on YUP

Hi Everyone,

Again, thank you for checking out these posts! Today, I want to cover projects that we have in the works along with some projects from the past.

Let’s jump in with the first project that YUP Productions ever worked on was MITE for the 48 Hour Film Project. This project really gave us the confidence that we needed to pursue more projects like this. Our next project was FLITE for the 4 Point Film Project. At this time we are unable to link this project for you to check out because we are looking to submit to film festivals for the upcoming year. We hope to share some fun news on that in the future. Another project that is finally completed but not released yet is a music video for Trance that was performed by artist James Slay. We are currently looking into submitting to festivals as well to gain exposure for YUP, but also James Slay.

Currently, YUP Productions is working on two projects for 2019.

The first project is a short film titled The Elevator. I originally wrote a long description over this this project but it is moving along and I rather wait for you to check it out once completed. I hope to share more in the next few months.

Our second project is a web series called Benched. Benched is a parody on parents attending their children sporting events. Parents and youth sports are an interesting mix (not to say an alcoholic drink or two). Parents want their children to be successful and the best. Some even see their children as prodigies. Yikes! We hope to bring 10 episodes of 3 to 5 minutes of comedy in 2019. Once we start filming we will share more information on this project.

Thank you for checking out this post! I would love to hear your thoughts on these projects so please go ahead and comment of Facebook in this post or even on instagram - @YupProductions. I hope you are enjoying these posts!