Fall Newbies - FOX and The CW

Hi Friends!

It’s Friday and today I am going to cover both FOX and The CW.

I typically don’t watch much of what airs on FOX because I am so busy but I want to make the effort to watch more from all different networks. As for The CW, I LOVE Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin. Unfortunately, both shows are coming to an end and it’s time to check out the new shows on the block.


  • REL - I have yet to watch this but I have seen the trailer. The trailer has a very slow romantic tone over the comedy it should be. I want to watch this because it’s based in Chicago and as a Chicago kid I love all shows that showcase our town. As for the show, I really hope that the actual show is upbeat and comedic unlike the trailer I watched for it.


  • All American - So excited for this show! Who does not love a good story about a promising athlete who overcomes obstacles to achieve their dreams? The Blind Side was a sensation that won Sandra Bullock an Academy Award and a nomination for Best Motion Picture of the Year. This story follows a story of Spencer Paysinger, a star football player, who is recruited to play for Beverly Hills High School although he came from another neighborhood. He was faced with different challenges from adjusting to a new life and managing new people around him. I have really high hopes for this show and I cannot wait to check it out.

I will leave you with these two and I will check back on them in a few weeks once I get a chance to watch these shoes. Feel free to follow YUPs Instagram @yupproductions to keep up with what is coming to the blog along with our facebook page.