To All The Teachers!

Happy Saturday!

To wrap up Teacher Appreciation week (I am a day late because it’s Saturday), I want to highlight a few throughout my education that made an impact on where I am today and pushed me to pursue the career I am in.

My first AH-HA moment was in the 7th grade. For some reason my class was unbearable and Mr. Kamin, the 8th-grade teacher at the time, came in to reprimand us. During his speech to the class, he said something that really stuck, and honestly, it’s the only thing I remember. He said he would like to see us on TV for curing cancer or doing something amazing, not because the police were searching for us. I don’t know why but this really made me think what can I do to make him, my 7th-grade teacher, and my classmates proud. Throughout the years as I developed my interest in filmmaking I always thought how cool would it be if i was at the Emmys or Oscars and Mr. Kamin was watching?


Eventually, I moved on to high school and I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian or a chef, but I was never really committed to it or pursued. I don’t remember at what moment I said I wanted to be a movie director, but when I came to that conclusion Mr. Bradburn was there to provide insights on what that entails. I took his production class, and it taught me what the work that goes into filmmaking consisted of.

While in high school I signed up for an After School Matters program at Gallery 37 that was focused on TV/Film Production. There, I learned more techniques and how to use Avid. The last two years of high school I became hyper-focused on what I wanted to pursue. At that time it was directing, but eventually, I’d move onto a different passion.

After I graduated from high school, I was accepted into DePaul University as an education major. While I was applying to colleges, my family and I rationalized the job situation if I were to have majored in Film or TV, so I decided I was going to major in education to become a Spanish teacher. That lasted 3 weeks before I was sitting in my counselor's office to see how I can transfer to the College of Computing and Digital Media to major in Film Production. I got into a groove with school and projects and I found that I really loved editing and the post-production process. I was looking for a job and I came across a posting with the College of Communications to work as a technical manager and editor for our school broadcasting show Good Day DePaul.


Rick Brown gave me the job even though I might have not been the most qualified person as a young sophomore still trying to find her way. He saw something in me and I appreciate him for giving me the opportunity to find what I really wanted out of a career.  Although I didn't take any of his classes he was constantly teaching me along with his students for two and a half years.

Once I was in the working world, there was a time that I was nowhere near I wanted in life. I vividly remember running out of the office during my lunch break and taking a walk down to the river. I was in complete tears and the only person I could think of to reach out to was Rick. During that 30-minute lunch break we discussed my interests, what I am drawn to, and where I want to be. He gave me some numbers to call and companies to look into. I went home with a game plan and a month or two later he emailed me with a job I might be interested in. What a coincidence, it was the same job I had just walked out an interview for.

I got the job!

Today, I am where I want to be in my career with more goals than I had a year ago. Aside from my friends and family, I am incredibly thankful for the educators that motivated and inspired me. To all the teachers, you are appreciated and you should be celebrated every day.