Writing Is HARD!

Hi Friends! 

Writing a blog about your passion is hard. Sometimes your passion is very time-consuming. Filmmaking, watching movies, and tv is very time-consuming. It also moves incredibly slow. Some film projects can take months and some can take years. I have been working on a project that is finally moving, but I have had this idea going for about a year and a half.

So here I am again, back from a hiatus to say thank you! If you are reading this you are the best and I truly appreciate you. Most of the time I am a one-woman show and lately, I have been juggling a bunch of stuff from my personal life and YUPP projects (because I am finally making big moves). I will be sharing more regarding YUPP projects soon. 

But for now, let's chat about writing. Writing is so HARD especially for someone who is not a great writer. I have been working on a web series that I originally wanted to write, but after having a friend read over what I wrote, she decided to jump in and help me (some of the jokes were not funny). I am forever grateful for her and I am so excited to finally film this project. 

However, I want to practice and do better so my goal for the rest of the year is to write a blog post related to filmmaking, producing, editing, watching TV, Movies, Media, and all things creative. That seems like a lot but I have a lot of thoughts and I am very passionate about my art and creating fun content. So please stay tuned and feel free to subscribe so you don't miss out on any news or blog posts!

I look forward to sharing more along with reading any comments or questions you may have for me. Feel free to reach out via email at yupproductionsinfo@gmail.com follow on Instagram @yupproductions and search YUP Productions on Facebook!