Writing Is HARD!

Hi Friends! 

Writing a blog about your passion is hard. Sometimes your passion is very time-consuming. Filmmaking, watching movies, and tv is very time-consuming. It also moves incredibly slow. Some film projects can take months and some can take years. I have been working on a project that is finally moving, but I have had this idea going for about a year and a half.

So here I am again, back from a hiatus to say thank you! If you are reading this you are the best and I truly appreciate you. Most of the time I am a one-woman show and lately, I have been juggling a bunch of stuff from my personal life and YUPP projects (because I am finally making big moves). I will be sharing more regarding YUPP projects soon. 

But for now, let's chat about writing. Writing is so HARD especially for someone who is not a great writer. I have been working on a web series that I originally wanted to write, but after having a friend read over what I wrote, she decided to jump in and help me (some of the jokes were not funny). I am forever grateful for her and I am so excited to finally film this project. 

However, I want to practice and do better so my goal for the rest of the year is to write a blog post related to filmmaking, producing, editing, watching TV, Movies, Media, and all things creative. That seems like a lot but I have a lot of thoughts and I am very passionate about my art and creating fun content. So please stay tuned and feel free to subscribe so you don't miss out on any news or blog posts!

I look forward to sharing more along with reading any comments or questions you may have for me. Feel free to reach out via email at yupproductionsinfo@gmail.com follow on Instagram @yupproductions and search YUP Productions on Facebook! 


Time Management

Hi everyone!

Today I want to discuss time management. I typically work well under pressure and on a deadline, however, I do not know how to manage my personal time. I am often letting my work overflow into my personal time to complete any project I am working on at the time. One example is when I was shooting a music video fell on the day I had plans with my friends for Galentines day. I went to the shoot and filmed all day and I was so excited to start editing. Naturally, I debated what I wanted to do but ultimately decided to hang out with my friends. Later that night when I got home I started editing on the video and stayed up till 2AM editing.

This is how my time is broken down. I have a full-time job where I work as a highlight editor. Lately, I have taken on clients and their music videos. Lastly, I have been working to grow this blog and YUPP’s Instagram.

I do have a full-time job and I work 40 hours a week, however, I work 4 days a week for 10 hours a day, which gives me an extra day off weekly. On that extra day, I dedicate my time towards YUPP, whether it’s the blog or a cool new video. When I work on a music video, I am typically editing around the clock. Depending on what time I head into work, I might edit before or after. On my days off, I typically will dedicate 8 to 10 hours to the music video until the video is completed.

Lately, I have been incredibly motivated to write more about myself and the process that goes into being a filmmaker. With that motivation comes energy to edit and create more videos whether they are for Instagram or YouTube.

This week was the first Tuesday I took an off day from working on YUPP, for a day to myself. I don't have a music video scheduled until next month, so I decided to spend the day outside since it was really nice. The consequence to that would be that I did not get a chance to a blog post on Tuesday because I was unprepared, but I am okay with that. It doesn't matter how much time you have, it will always feel like you do not have enough hours in the day or days of the week or weeks in the year to finish whatever you are working on.

I hope you are enjoying reading my thoughts and comments through this blog. If you are listening to the podcast hope you are enjoying that as well. I look forward to creating more content for you to read, watch, and listen. If you have anything, in particular, you are wondering about please don’t hesitate to email me your questions at Yupproductionsinfo@gmail.com. Till next time friends!


To All The Teachers!

Happy Saturday!

To wrap up Teacher Appreciation week (I am a day late because it’s Saturday), I want to highlight a few throughout my education that made an impact on where I am today and pushed me to pursue the career I am in.

My first AH-HA moment was in the 7th grade. For some reason my class was unbearable and Mr. Kamin, the 8th-grade teacher at the time, came in to reprimand us. During his speech to the class, he said something that really stuck, and honestly, it’s the only thing I remember. He said he would like to see us on TV for curing cancer or doing something amazing, not because the police were searching for us. I don’t know why but this really made me think what can I do to make him, my 7th-grade teacher, and my classmates proud. Throughout the years as I developed my interest in filmmaking I always thought how cool would it be if i was at the Emmys or Oscars and Mr. Kamin was watching?


Eventually, I moved on to high school and I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian or a chef, but I was never really committed to it or pursued. I don’t remember at what moment I said I wanted to be a movie director, but when I came to that conclusion Mr. Bradburn was there to provide insights on what that entails. I took his production class, and it taught me what the work that goes into filmmaking consisted of.

While in high school I signed up for an After School Matters program at Gallery 37 that was focused on TV/Film Production. There, I learned more techniques and how to use Avid. The last two years of high school I became hyper-focused on what I wanted to pursue. At that time it was directing, but eventually, I’d move onto a different passion.

After I graduated from high school, I was accepted into DePaul University as an education major. While I was applying to colleges, my family and I rationalized the job situation if I were to have majored in Film or TV, so I decided I was going to major in education to become a Spanish teacher. That lasted 3 weeks before I was sitting in my counselor's office to see how I can transfer to the College of Computing and Digital Media to major in Film Production. I got into a groove with school and projects and I found that I really loved editing and the post-production process. I was looking for a job and I came across a posting with the College of Communications to work as a technical manager and editor for our school broadcasting show Good Day DePaul.


Rick Brown gave me the job even though I might have not been the most qualified person as a young sophomore still trying to find her way. He saw something in me and I appreciate him for giving me the opportunity to find what I really wanted out of a career.  Although I didn't take any of his classes he was constantly teaching me along with his students for two and a half years.

Once I was in the working world, there was a time that I was nowhere near I wanted in life. I vividly remember running out of the office during my lunch break and taking a walk down to the river. I was in complete tears and the only person I could think of to reach out to was Rick. During that 30-minute lunch break we discussed my interests, what I am drawn to, and where I want to be. He gave me some numbers to call and companies to look into. I went home with a game plan and a month or two later he emailed me with a job I might be interested in. What a coincidence, it was the same job I had just walked out an interview for.

I got the job!

Today, I am where I want to be in my career with more goals than I had a year ago. Aside from my friends and family, I am incredibly thankful for the educators that motivated and inspired me. To all the teachers, you are appreciated and you should be celebrated every day.


Welcome to YUPP By Cice

I want to start today’s blog post with, THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and all the posts you have read in the past.

YUPP has been on hiatus yet again for the past few months now. During all that time away I have learned something very important that should have really hit me earlier. YUPP is me, Cice!

I am a city loving, fashion enthusiast, iced coffee drinking, directionally challenged, independent filmmaker.


Something I always tried to do was to separate myself from YUPP to let it be its own thing but YUPP can’t post content on its own. YUPP doesn’t have a personality, but I do. So moving forward this blog isn’t going to be all about TV, Movies, and Filmmaking. It’s going to be about me Cice. My ideas, my passions, my job life, and my interests that include filmmaking!


I want to start with sharing a little bit about how I got into filmmaking. In high school, I was part of a documentary that had me in front of a camera. While filming I always wanted to hang out behind the camera and learn how everything worked. When I went off to college I started as an education major but after 1 quarter of that I switched over to the College of Digital Media and ended up graduating with a concentration in TV Production. I loved post production so I pursued a career in editing. Today I am working as a highlight editor for a sports broadcasting network. I think having been in front of the camera in high school I have somewhat become scared to go back. I want to slowly work my way back to the front of the camera and share more of me.

I cannot wait to share more about ME! I hope you follow along through this blog and on Instagram @yupproductions or @cicecuellar!

Happy almost weekend! Catch ya next week!