Welcome to YUPP By Cice

I want to start today’s blog post with, THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and all the posts you have read in the past.

YUPP has been on hiatus yet again for the past few months now. During all that time away I have learned something very important that should have really hit me earlier. YUPP is me, Cice!

I am a city loving, fashion enthusiast, iced coffee drinking, directionally challenged, independent filmmaker.


Something I always tried to do was to separate myself from YUPP to let it be its own thing but YUPP can’t post content on its own. YUPP doesn’t have a personality, but I do. So moving forward this blog isn’t going to be all about TV, Movies, and Filmmaking. It’s going to be about me Cice. My ideas, my passions, my job life, and my interests that include filmmaking!


I want to start with sharing a little bit about how I got into filmmaking. In high school, I was part of a documentary that had me in front of a camera. While filming I always wanted to hang out behind the camera and learn how everything worked. When I went off to college I started as an education major but after 1 quarter of that I switched over to the College of Digital Media and ended up graduating with a concentration in TV Production. I loved post production so I pursued a career in editing. Today I am working as a highlight editor for a sports broadcasting network. I think having been in front of the camera in high school I have somewhat become scared to go back. I want to slowly work my way back to the front of the camera and share more of me.

I cannot wait to share more about ME! I hope you follow along through this blog and on Instagram @yupproductions or @cicecuellar!

Happy almost weekend! Catch ya next week!