Credits: Eleni Murphy As Marilyn Dunn, Gabriel Watson As Jack Dunn, Photographers as Ciracelia Cuellar & Robert Ruiz, Written by Savy Leiser, Directed and Filmed by Jake Wasilevich & Robert Ruiz, Production/sound assistant & Graphics by Brianna Gannon, Edited & Produced by Ciracelia Cuellar, Music by NFV Entertainment.
Songs: Flite - Written by Savy Leiser and Preformed by VLLIVNNV, I Will Shine - By DJ NAVA and Preformed by VLLIVNNV



FLITE was the second project produced for the Four Point Film Project in November 2017. 

Going into this project we had a better idea of what to expect considering how to time our work to ensure that we finished on time. We made sure to stock up on water, healthy snacks, and any extra props we might need for the event.